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  • The Lesson

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    Here's a little weird tidbit we've learned in making these sculptural creatures...
    When you place one on your lawn or under a tree, it's just a really nice mellow thing to experience. ...
    They kind of keep you company too. However-- put two of them together and a little magic takes place.
    Suddenly, you're telling a story. Even though I made both of these creatures...(buddies),
    when I look at the two of them, looking at each other, it creates the perception of interaction,
    and it's interesting to observe.
    The lesson is obviously in two pieces and you can, if you like create your own story in the way you position them.

    The teacher from tip of her toe to the top of her wand is 8 feet tall. The munchkin is approximately 42" tall.
    Price shown is for both the teacher and the student
    Size: Teacher: 8 feet tall... Munchkin: 42" tall

    Price: $2,200.00


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